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Wear those blades

Laughter breaks the serious air as a group of international journalists baby steps their way into an ice skating rink in Berlin.

It had been just an idea a week ago. An idea coming from Peter who didn’t want to try it at all. Well, thinking about it, were we ripped off of some kind buying an idea from a person who did not want any part of it?

I guess most of the people in our group was very much excited to do ice skating as some of us made it to the meeting point an hour early. Yeah, I was late because I needed to get the cameras and hoped to skip this one too.

The merry group made its way to the stadium that cold mid-afternoon Saturday. Most of us was just talking about anything that came to our minds – and laughted a lot too. All that so we wouldn’t think how far the rink was.

When we had made it to the entrance, the group began to quiet down. It was a quiet excitement so to speak, without much a do, each of us wore the blades as soon as we got it. The quick German service gave us no choice of think about going or not, but all that came out of our mouths were our shoe sizes.

By this time, the stadium was already roaring. It already sounded like a marketplace. No, the stadium was not packed. It was just us. It was us who couldn’t stop laughing as the blades hit the ice.

It was fun alright. Some of us thought that falling would make one learn, so they practiced falling rather than skating. Some just stayed in place the whole time, others had enough. Some even wanted to marry the walls of the rink, for they couldn’t live the ice without them.

I guess nobody with go for the second time. 🙂