The Sumilon Getaway


You wouldn’t be thinking I am not working are you?

Of course, I am working! I just need to get this out though.

Well, the tragic theft of my beloved laptop led me and my mates from PECOJON, in an experience of our lives! We hopped on a road trip that will be the first (hopefully) of all roadtrips.

After that enchanting morning with the Oslob Whale Sharks, we hopped on again in our ever so faithful “horse” who brought us to the mainland office of the Sumilon Island Resort.

From Cebu City, the resort is about one and a half hour (or more considering we passed by the Oslob Whale Sharks). But its good to note that you should have a reservation on the resort so the boat ride will surely be there when you arrive. Having a contact with the Sumilon staff (thanks to Len), we just took notice of the boat schedules and arrived there on time.

Arriving at their office, we had a brief virtual tour of the island. Upon us is a map that shows what the island can offer. And if you are staying on the island, everything is free!

What’s nice about the island is the adventure. Soon as we arrived, we head on swimming at the sandbar. The staff say the sandbar’s shape depends on the current of the water. And not only that! The sandbar is moving! In different times of the year, the sandbar can be located in different parts of the island. What’s this hide and seek?

Anyway, if you don’t feel any of that sandbar, diving or snorkeling through the marine reserve of the island, then just get on the infinity pool (which we never tried, Hello?). You can also take a trek around the island or go kayaking in their mini lagoon.

The resort also cater the Oslob Whale Watching experience to their guests so you can get straight on to the resort and let the staff worry about your whale shark experience. Of course for a fee.

Boring people can just stay in the rooms. He he.

The food is a bit expensive though (well its a rather expensive hotel too) and there are some mosquitoes that were also dining around the restaurant area. I hope they can be better at this next time. I think they are fruit mosquitoes (whom am I kidding!).

All in all, the staff are nice and helpful; and the place is superb!