Picturesque Copenhagen

From Vikings and kingdoms to Hans Christian Andersen and the Tivoli Amusement park, Copenhagen offers a 360 degree picturesque view you can never forget.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark which is located in between the countries of Norway – in the north, and Germany, in the south. It is a small city – actually smaller than Manila, in population but bigger in terms of land area.
It is also a home to some 10,000 Filipinos according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

A day in the city will take you to most parts of the tourist attractions in the city. A free walking tour starts at the Copenhagen Town Hall beside the Tivoli Amusement park. The Tivoli Amusement park is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and starts to open only during summers (around April). They say this inspired Walt Disney who would usually come to this park before, to create Disneyland.

The Carlsberg beer comes from Denmark and the walking tour brings you to the first areas the beer was brewed.

A more historic tour would then follow like the old castle and parliament grounds, the first Stock Exchange building, opera house, monuments, museum and churches.
The palace grounds that houses the Danish Royal Family is a very interesting end to the tour. The grounds are guarded by soldiers wearing tall hairy hats and parades in a graceful manner. They look like the guards in England but beware; the guards are authorized to shout at tourists! Since they are guarding the actual living quarters of the royals, they implement stricter security.

The national museum holds the most interesting artefacts of the country if not, the region. It also houses Viking history and an understanding of the human evolution as evidenced by the collected artefacts.

But the most memorable places in Copenhagen are the old colourful houses that line estuaries, offering sailor’s refuge from weeks or maybe months of sailing in the North or Baltic Seas.