Hamburg: the unlikely harbour

A walking tour at Hamburg City center was a good idea coming from a 2-hour train ride from Berlin. I guess I was that excited that I carried most of my photographic gear in that close to 2-hour walk.

Hamburg is a port city, home to close to 2 million Hamburgers (if you are thinking about the food, then I think you should eat first). Well, its complete title would be the “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.” It got its name in 800 A.D. when the first castle was built.

While it is a port city, Hamburg isn’t in front of the sea. It is connected to the sea by a huge Elbe River.

We were housed in an old hotel near the main train station which allowed us to go around town conveniently. The shopping area was just at the opposite side of the main train station while the impressive design of the town hall would catch your attention even from afar.

Tired of all the walking? You can either hang around along the city’s coast or feed the birds along the very nice lakes near the town hall.

Hamburg boasts to be one of maritime’s best. It used to make huge shipping vessels and about 13,000 ships can be seen on its coasts at one time. And yeah, they have an international maritime museum that started as a private collection of an entrepreneur Peter Tamm.

Located also near the harbour are restaurants, bars to complete your day.

One more interesting area near the harbour is the fish market. A sunrise stroll there would be nice but this particular fish market only sells fruits and flowers. The area used to be a fish market, great view of the harbour though.

My night ended in a grilling muscle pain, slight fever and colds in a small and cold room, but the sights I saw was enough to lull me in a sound and comfortable sleep.