2013 mass wedding in Bacolod City

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  Here is the slideshow of the mass wedding ceremony in Bacolod City last February 16, 2013. A total of 2,013 couples were wed according to the city civil registrar’s office. The ceremony was held at 4 o’clock in the … Continue reading

Passion of Christ and men

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  Foreign and local tourists were enchanted to flock to areas where Catholic penitents bloodied their backs with whips or had themselves crucified on crosses all over the Philippines on Good Friday. But what twist did the sleepy, agricultural village … Continue reading

Hamburg: the unlikely harbour

View Hamburg: the unlikely harbour → © 2012 Charlie Saceda. All rights reserved.

A walking tour at Hamburg City center was a good idea coming from a 2-hour train ride from Berlin. I guess I was that excited that I carried most of my photographic gear in that close to 2-hour walk. Continue reading

Last snowfall of February

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Just as our trainer had announced a day earlier that it’s time for spring, the day after was entirely different. This is a video of my first snowfall experience in Berlin, Germany on February 2012. Continue reading